Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Review: Hiding by Katherine McDermott

A nice read sprinkled with great action!
Rating: 4 Stars
Available at: Amazon

I was drawn to this book from the blurb in anticipation of an action packed story, as depicted in the blurb. As it turned out, Hiding provides enough mystery, thrills and chase, balanced with traditional sweet romance in a nice, serene and romantic French backdrop. The story revolves around Teresa, opening with a look at what caused her to seek recluse in faraway Paris -- being physically abused by her boyfriend Alex. Starting a new life, she meets Serge, who slowly and patiently show her how to trust in guys and love again. But life is not so simple and Alex eventually tracks her down. The story culminates in a thrilling chase to stop Alex from killing Teresa. I like how the story builds up -- on the one hand, we get to see how deranged and delusional one can get in stalking someone. On the other hand, we get to witness how love can grow and blossom between two people, no matter how painful a person's past can be. And interspersed throughout the book are nice, refreshing details giving us a glimpse of how life in Paris could be like (not just the usual few days and places tourists normally visit). One aspect I believe could be improved on is on Alex's character development. For example, I am not sure what kind of background he has to be stalking Teresa to the point where he's willing to kill just to get her back. Sure, he felt he had been double crossed, but there has to be something more in his character to seek such kind of revenge. Overall, this one is very well suited for those looking for a nice and sweet romance with a touch of mystery. I look forward to reading more books from the author.


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