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Book Tour + Excerpt, Giveaway: The Ladies by Brenda Jernigan

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We are super excited to join the BOOK TOUR of
Brenda Jernigan
A compilation of three highly-rated, award-winning novels
in a single package.
Fast paced...
Full of suspense and adventure...
Charming and spiced with passion.
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Genre: Historical, Regency, Scottish, Pirates
Publication Date: November 14, 2016
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From the elegant ballrooms of 1800’s London, to the wilds of America, enjoy the spirited women as they tame their Rakes, and embark on marvelous adventures.
The Duke's Lady
An American spy with a British birth, Adam Trent, the Duke of St. Ives, is consumed with gathering information to use against England’s navy. Despite the intrigues of war, the mystery of the lovely young woman washed ashore near his Cornwall estate is one he cannot resist. With the ragged remains of a treasure map concealed in her chemise and no memory of who she is and how she got there, the dark beauty is a puzzle.
Love Only Once
Bitter Betrayal - Jonathan Hird, Earl of Longdale, wants sweet revenge on Lady Elizabeth Trent for leaving him at the altar. After a couple of years at sea, Jonathan returns and forms a perfect plan for Sweet Revenge.
The Wicked Lady
When Trevor Claremont, the Duke of Chatsworth, is blind-sided by a pickpocket, he isn't prepared for the feisty redhead who he finds is one wicked lady. Seeing a solution to his pressing problem of finding a bride to please his dying grandmother, he offered her a deal: marriage to him...or prison, never imaging that this little cut-purse would also steal his heart.

Praise and Accolades

Praise for The Duke's Lady
"Ms. Jernigan plots an intricate tale of intrigue and patriotism, spiced with passion. Her characters are interesting, her plot moves rapidly, her love scenes are steamy."
Praise for Love Only Once
5 Stars. "Fast paced and so full of suspense I could not put it down! Don't begin reading this one until you have plenty of time... Highly recommended reading from an outstanding author!"
Praise for The Wicked Lady
" Ms. Jernigan takes an old plot and makes it fresh and exciting. THE WICKED LADY is a dream maker and you will remember it long after you put it down."
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Read an excerpt from Love Only Once:

“Come back soon, Lady Elizabeth,” Jeffrey said as he reached for the door handle. “And I’ll have my eyepiece in next time.” The buttler opened the door for her.

I will—” Elizabeth didn’t finish her sentence.

“My, my. Fancy seeing you here,” Jonathan Hird said to an astounded Elizabeth.

This wasn’t possible! Elizabeth’s mind screamed. Jonathan couldn’t be standing in front of her. Hadn’t his father just told her he’d gone to sail with Lafitte? Maybe she should turn and ask Jeffery if he saw Jonathan, too.

“Lord Jonathan,” Jeffrey said. “It is good to have you home, sir. You remember Lady Elizabeth.”

“Unfortunately,” Jonathan clipped.

Elizabeth promptly shut her mouth. Jonathan stood before her and he looked magnificent. His skin was darkly tanned, swarthy, and his eyes were hard. He’d been good-looking before, but now he was so much more so. He seemed bigger and bolder. He fairly reeked of sensuality.

Keeping his gaze fixed on her, he asked, “What? Nothing to say for yourself?” His voice was cold and exact.

She clenched her jaw to kill the sob in her throat. “I—I was visiting your father,” she finally managed to get out.

Jonathan leaned against the railing and stared at her, taking in her appearance. She looked well and beautiful. There was a glow of innocence and promise, but he knew better than to be suckered in by that. As his gaze traveled downward, he noticed she was breathing heavily. Then his gaze rose to her stubborn chin and those damnable eyes. She flinched and retreated a step.

He wasn’t ready to deal with Elizabeth yet. He’d intended to see his father, get settled in, and get some much-needed sleep since he’d not done so in two days. He hadn’t expected to see her so soon. The problem of Elizabeth would have to come later when he informed her of his mission.

Now he stood face-to-face with her and, of course, the guilt was plainly visible in her eyes. “I hope you didn’t make my father any promises you don’t intend to keep,” Jonathan bit out as he ignored the mocking voice inside him that wondered why.

Elizabeth flinched again. She could sense the barely controlled power coiled in Jonathan’s body. “No, I did not.” She should have realized he’d still be angry, but she didn’t want to face Jonathan at the moment. As she stared at him, she realized, much to her horror, that she still loved him. She had hoped that time would lessen her love, but that wasn’t the case. The love and the hurt were still there.

If possible, he was much more commanding in appearance than he had been when she’d first fallen in love. His shoulders seemed broader, his hair a bit longer. The arrogant line of his jaw told her he wasn’t happy to see her at all.

Elizabeth simply wasn’t prepared, but she had to say something. She swallowed and moistened her lips, forcing herself to settle down.  “Your father will be glad that you are home,” she said as she struggled to maintain an even, conciliatory tone. “How long have you been back?”

“I just arrived,” he stated curtly with absolutely no emotion.

This wasn’t her Jonathan. His eyes were cold, and the devilish personality that had always made her laugh was nowhere in sight.

It was gone.

Perhaps it was lost forever. Had she done this to him?

He shifted impatiently and crossed his arms over his chest “Your coloring isn’t good, my dear. One would think you’d seen a ghost.”

Her eyes grew wide as her gaze shifted. “Your arm! You can move it”

“Your observation is correct. I’m not the cripple you left at the altar.”

She felt a nauseating wave of despair. “I never thought of you that way.” Elizabeth’s throat tightened. “I—I must be going.”

“Of course. Running away is your style.”

He might as well have slapped her, but she deserved it. Tears stung her eyes, but she would never let him see them. She lifted her chin, picked up her skirt, and stepped quickly around him. She hurried out into the street, tears blurring her vision. She had to get away from Jonathan. Now!

She never saw it coming.


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About Brenda Jernigan

Brenda Jernigan is a bestselling author. Her books have been nominated for many awards - Book Seller’s Best Award, The Maggie Award, The Holt Medallion Award and the RONE Award. Publisher’s Weekly said, “Brenda Jernigan writes Romance, Adventure and Magic.”
She grew up living the life of a tomboy – climbing trees, playing ball, and excluding starry-eyed romance from her daily repertoire. Brenda discovered the love of books while taking her son to Story Hour at the local library -- she was hooked. She set an ambitious goal and began work on her first novel. She continued to write six more novels in rapid succession for Kensington Publishing. She figured having the same birthday as Ernest Hemingway couldn’t hurt.
She is a member of RWA, NINC, PAN, PASIC, and Outreach International Romance Writers.
Her books have been printed in several languages and her last book “Southern Seduction” written under the name of Alexandria Scott was printed in Russian.
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