Sunday, July 19, 2015

Review: Iced Out: An Abby & Henry Caper by Melanie Harvey

Brilliant and Witty with Plenty of Twists!!
Rating: 5 Stars
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With a witty storyline that has full of nice twists, Iced Out is a light, refreshing and delightful read from Melanie Harvey.

I truly enjoyed the story from start to finish. Something about plots that involve heists and thievery has always resonated well with me. As I read the first few pages, I suddenly had a recollection of similar themed plots, such as If Tomorrow Comes by Sydney Sheldon and the movie The Thomas Crown Affair, both of which I really like for the wit, the humorous portrayal of their escapades.  And I was not disappointed with Iced Out either. Beyond the actual heist, the story has more than its fair share of twist and turns sprinkled with witty conversations throughout the book. If this is what you are looking for in a story, I would highly recommend this book.

The characters though not your average hero and heroine, are both very likeable in their own ways.  Henry is not your usual hero. He does not come to me as an exceedingly confident person, but he has the right attitude and a sound conscience. What I like most about him is that despite a seemingly shady past, his character does not waver when it comes to integrity and loyalty to friends, something that is truly admirable even on his dealings with Abby.

And so, enter Abby, our heroine and the hottest person Henry has met. Being innocent to the plans that Henry and his friends are making, Henry tries to balance between pulling off the heist and growing his relationship with Abby. Little did he know that Abby is not really the person who he thinks she is! So together, Henry and Abby’s relationship develop to complement each other rather well.  In the end, both will worm their way into your heart — Henry being someone you love to have as a lead character, and Abby, being such a likeable person that you will end up rooting for her throughout the story.

The romantic element is sweet, and I liked the progression of how their relationship grew. It certainly is realistic. I liked the perspective of Henry throwing his love for Abby despite not being sure on whether it will be reciprocated. And Abby, for all the confidence that she has, has grown a sense of dependency on Henry. This is what makes the story sweet and romantic.

Combine all of the above with excellent story telling, witty conversations all throughout, and a vindictive ending, this has certainly made for an excellent read. I am not sure if the author will have a sequel involving Henry and Abby, but if there is, I will certainly not hesitate to pick it up.

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